A programmer who has strong skills in C++, C#, & Java to develop a strong and seamless product.

About Me

I’m a coding lover from Indonesia, here you will find more information about my current skills in terms of programming.

Get to know me!

I am a passionate programmer dedicated to crafting clean and efficient code. My experience primarily revolves around C++ & Java in the realm of game development, and C# .NET for creating mobile applications (Xamarin, MAUI) and web applications (.NET Core MVC, Blazor).

What Can I Do With My Skills?

I can do the following tasks based on my expertise.

Mobile App Development

I can create native Android applications using Xamarin or cross-platform mobile applications using MAUI from scratch.
Also, implement new features or fix critical bugs in the existing C# and Java mobile applications.

Web App Development

I can create web applications using C# .NET MVC or Blazor from scratch. Also, implement new features or fix critical bugs in the existing web application.

Game Development

I can implement new features or fix critical bugs in the existing C++ or C# game.

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Work Experience

I have totally 6 years of working experiences.

PT. Akal Karya Indonesia
.NET Developer

I am working as .NET Developer and placed on the client’s site, PT. Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (a mining company) at West Sumbawa, NTB. I managed to develop internal apps (Android and Web application) to support their infrastructure using .NET.

Freelance Developer

I am a dedicated self-learner, constantly striving to expand my knowledge at every available opportunity. At present, I am actively engaged in developing an Android application using C# Xamarin along with Google Material for the UI and following the MVVM design pattern. Also, I am actively doing freelance work and have successfully completed some projects within the realms of Android application and game development.

PT. Promanufacture Indonesia (Formulatrix)
Backend Software Engineer

I was working in C# ASP .NET Core web API as a backend software engineer to create an automation system for cell culture. My responsibilities encompassed two main areas: infrastructure & scheduling. On the infrastructure team, I collaborated with colleagues to develop comprehensive unit tests to ensure the system’s reliability and quality. In my role on the scheduling team, I implement error handling features.

PT. Gameloft Indonesia
C++ Sr. Game Programmer

I have been engaged in both creation and porting projects, undertaking the responsibility of implementing features as outlined in the game design document, as well as maintaining existing code and resolving bugs. My programming expertise primarily revolves around C++ (4 years) and Java (1 year) for game development. I find particular satisfaction in tasks related to game physics and collision, as they present exciting challenges that I enthusiastically embrace.

My Portfolio

What My Clients Says

I have completed several freelance projects with clients.

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